Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Far Better Place

Having suffered greatly, first from cancer, and then from the grueling medical regimen - pastor Dan Cummings was tired. After 2 weeks of treatment in Texas, he was looking forward to going back home to Michigan. In a post on his blog he wrote: "Today is far better ... amazing what some hydration will do. Will fly home on the weekend to continue treatment home."
Dan did return to Michigan, but several days later, his journey on earth ended. He went home to be with his God ~ whom he loved with every bit of his weakened body but might spirit.
When I reviewed his blog a few days later, his words "Today is far better" jumped out at me. I smiled through my tears in the knowledge that Dan was now experiencing a life that is truly "far better" (Phil. 1:23).
Someday we who claim the name of Jesus will also go to that place where there is "no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying." It's a place where there is no more pain and where a loving Father promises to "wipe away every tear from {our} eyes" (Rev. 21:4).
The life we have here isn't all there is. There is a far,far better place that Jesus is preparing for those who love Him (John 14:2-3)
"When our life on earth has ended we will feel God's warm embrace; there will be no pain or sorrow in that far, far better place."

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Non E Mouse?

Anonymity is the coward's way of hiding behind hurtful words.
~~ "TalkerCat"

"The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious" ~~ Ecclesiastes 10:20

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rock 'n Roll Heaven

If only I had angels' wings,
I'd ride the rainbow bend,
And there, beyond the universe,
I'd meet the Lord ~ my Friend
(Angie Monneus)
Rest In Peace Dennis!
You made it! You're a rock star!
Rockin' the Father's House!
Can't wait to see you again my brother .....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bible on ONE Page

This is the coolest link I've ever been blessed to view -
IMAGINE: THE BIBLE ON ONE PAGE! Check it out and save it to your Favs! Great for telephone bible study groups!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

O God, our Father, we thank You for all the bright things of life. Help us to see them and to count them and to remember them, that our lives may flow in ceaseless praise" ~ J.H. Jowett

Ceaseless praise, indeed Lord! Ceaseless indeed! "TalkerCat"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Heavenly Father

I'm extremely (perhaps unusually) close to my mother and sibling.
My biological father abandoned us when I was four years old -
leaving my mother with three babies.
She was 19.
No one would have blamed her; or even thought anything of it,
if she had given us up for adoption.
But she chose to raise all of us on her own.
Even though she often flew by the seat of her pants, she was a loving, doting mother.
We never wanted for anything' everyone except us knew we were poor.
During the 60's and 70's society was knee deep in 'free love' ....
drugs, sex and rock & roll was the mantra of the flower children.
Mom was young then, in her 20's, and did her share of 'partying'
however, she never lost sight of her first priority - her children.
Never did she neglect us in any way, she was there to tuck us in bed at night
and there when we awoke in the mornings.
Christmas and birthdays were always extravagant affairs.
It wasn't until I was older I realized what she went through to make sure we had it all.
Anything from collecting soda bottles to saving change,
to getting a small loan which she would pay off bit by bit,
until the next year when she would do it all over again.
Like I said, we never knew were were poor.
As the years went by, we all had Mom to rely on -
she's always a soft place to fall.
We're all now in our 40's and Mom is still our greatest gift.
We're all Christians and Honor our Mother
and our Father who died in December, 2003 without any of us really knowing him.
Mom has always been Dad too.
So now I've come to the place in my spiritual growth
where I've learned I was formed for God's family.
I was born into God's family by a second birth.
When I placed my faith in Christ, God became my Father,
other believers became my brothers and sisters,
and the church became my spiritual family. The family of God.
Every human being was created by God but not everyone is a child of God.
I became part of my human family by my first birth;
but now I'm a member of God's family by my second.
God has given me the privilege of being born again
so I'm now a members of His own family.
My spiritual family is even more important than my physical one
because it lasts forever.
My family on Earth is a wonderful gift from God,
but they are temporary and fragile, broken by divorce,
distance, growing old and, inevitably, death.
On the other hand, my spiritual family - my relationship to other believers
- will continue throughout eternity.
It is a much stronger union, a more permanent bond, than blood relationships.
When I think of the wisdom and scope of His plan I fall down on my knees and
thank the Father of all,
some of them already in Heaven
and some down here on Earth.
A a child of God I get to share in the family fortune.
Here on Earth I am given the riches of His Grace ... Kindness ...
Patience ... Glory ... Wisdom ... Power ... and Mercy.
But in eternity I will inherit even more.
What a rich and glorious inheritance He has given to me, his daughter!
First, I'll get to be with God forever.
Second, I'll be completely changed to be like Christ.
Third, I'll be freed from all pain, death and suffering.
Fourth, I'll be rewarded and reassigned my position of service.
Fifth, I'll get to share in Christ's glory.
What an inheritance!
I am far richer than I ever thought I was. God has reserved a priceless inheritance for me. It is kept in Heaven, pure and undefiled, beyond reach and change of decay.
No one can take it from me.
Jesus and the people He makes holy all belong to the same family.
That is why He isn't ashamed to call them His brothers and sisters ....
that's hard to wrap my mind around!
I'm part of God's family and because Jesus made me holy,
Being included in God's family has no higher honor or privilege.
Nothing even comes close;
so if ever you feel unimportant, unloved or insecure,
remember to Whom you belong.
" ... God is the One who made all things, and all things are for His glory. He wanted to have many children to share His glory ... " Heb 2:10
" ... See how very much our Heavenly Father loves us, for He allows us to be called His children ... " 1 John 3:1
Your Friend and
Sister in Christ ~ Terri